Parallels Website Review & Ratings + Parallels Coupons
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Parallels Website Review & Ratings + Parallels Coupons

Parallels : Products & Services

Parallels is a company that specializes in developing software for desktop virtualization. In addition, they are also a worldwide leader in hosting and cloud service enablement. Their desktop virtualization software enables you to run Windows applications on your Mac system and also run multiple Windows and Linux distributions on the same computer. They offer desktop solutions that can run on different operating systems. Parallels also offer solutions for business as well as mobile applications for iOS. 

The following are the top categories of products that are offered by Parallels:

In addition to the above categories, Parallels also offers solutions for web building and editing, server management control panels and datacenter automation specifically designed for service providers, resellers and their end users. Their services include cloud accceleration services, professional and support services, and training & certification.

Parallels : Company Background

Parallels was founded in 1999 by its Executive Chairman Serguei Beloussov. Now, the company has over 900 employees working in their offices located throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Their global headquarters is located in Seattle, USA. Since its establishment, the company has served more than 5,000 service providers and over 12 million end-users around the world. More than 3 million copies of their top-selling, award-winning Mac desktop virtualization software has been sold.

Parallels : Customer Feedback & Reviews

Parallels has received a lot of excellent feedback from users who have purchased and used their products. For instance, their top-selling desktop virtualization solution, Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac has received an average user rating of 4.5/5 on based on over 208 reviews. The Desktop 8 software also received an average user rating of 3.5 from the well-known software review website, CNET. The following are snippets of the customer reviews:

“So far this product is fantastic. It allows me to run a number of my Windows legacy software and hardware in a virtual machine within Mac's OS X. Example is Studio 16 and an Iomagic DVD burner that won't run on OS X, but does run within the Parallels Windows 8 VM.” – Mike (Feb 17, 2013)

“It is great to have all the Microsoft ecosystem come over to the Mac through Parallels. I can use it for development, office productivity, design and file sharing. Haven't tried games on it though.” – Oscar Azmitia (Feb 16, 2013)

“Switching between OS is a breeze. I run Mountain Lion, Win7, Win8 and Ubuntu regularly without problem. Sometimes I don't even know what OS I am running, Parallels knows what to use for each app or file.” – Ivanhelden (Nov 5, 2012)

“There are certain programs that I use that are not available for Mac. I tried both Fusion and Parallels, and Parallels won handily. It is faster, easier to use, more intuitive and much more user friendly. The appearance is crisp and the resolution is fantastic. It is truly an outstanding piece of software.” – Chipell (Jan 29, 2013)

Parallels : Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Parallels has definitely established a strong credibility as a global leader in the software industry. They have achieved over 60 awards and recognition from many reputable sources in the business. Below are only some of the numerous awards and recognition that have been received by the company:

  • Selected by NetworkWorld to be included in the “Ten Most Powerful SaaS Delivery Companies” list
  • Selected as Gartner Cool Vendor in Cloud Brokerage Services (2012)
  • Reader’s Choice Award 2012 – Best Application for Running Windows
  • Macworld Awards 2011 – Best Consumer Software
  • 2009 Products of the Year Award
  • PC World’s Most Innovative Product of 2006

The company has also received coverage from major media outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, BBC, Bloomberg, CNN, The Washington Times and many more.

Parallels : Website Popularity & Google Ranking

According to Alexa, has a three-month global traffic rank of 2,731 and US traffic rank of 4,748 which are well above the average. The website also has an outstanding online reputation, with over 73,000 sites linking in. The website’s regional traffic ranks show that it is also popular among visitors in many countries in Europe and Asia, due to its high traffic rank in these continents. High impact search queries for this website include terms such as “plesk”, “parallels” and “parallels desktop”.

The latest data provided by shows that the company’s website received 72,228 unique visitors in January 2013. In terms of competitiveness, ranks second in the list of 5 similar websites in the same category.

The website has a high Google PageRank of 8/10.

Parallels : Social Media Presence

Parallels has established a huge following on social media network such as Facebook and Twitter. They have two Facebook pages and three Twitter pages – each for a different software. The Facebook page for their main product, Parallels Desktop has received more than 19,000 likes and is updated frequently with posts about the latest news related to software and computer application as well as product giveaways. The other Facebook page, Parallels Cloud has received more than 8,600 likes and is also updated frequently.

The three Twitter pages are Parallels Desktop (31,675 tweets and 21,260 followers), Parallels Cloud (6,736 tweets and 9,373 followers) and Parallels Panel (6,272 tweets and 13,692 followers). The Parallels Desktop and Parallels Cloud pages are updated regularly, but Parallels Panel page has not been updated recently (the latest tweet was on August 14, 2012).

Parallels also operates three blogs which they regularly update: Parallels Consumer Tech Blog, Parallels Cloud Service Provider Blog and Parallels Enterprise Blog.

Parallels : Website Security & Safety

Parallels website is secured by McAfee and Norton. According to McAfee Site Advisor, the website was tested and no significant problems have been found. The tests also found that downloads on the site were free of adware, spyware and other potentially unwanted programs. Most of the site’s links are to other sites that are safe or have only minor safety/annoyance issues. The website uses Symantec SSL for secure and confidential e-commerce transactions.

Google Safe Browsing diagnostic page also shows that the website is not listed as suspicious. No malicious software or content have been hosted on the website over the past 90 days.

Parallels : Pricing & Packages

The following are the package and pricing information for some of the products offered by Parallels:

Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac (Price: $79.99)

  • Run both Windows and Mac OS X applications side-by-side without rebooting
  • Customize the level of integration between Mac and Windows while enjoying optimum performance

Parallels Plesk Panel 11 (Price: $39.99/month)

  • Web services and server manager product suite
  • Enables control of users' hosted services (web sites, e-mail, database, DNS, etc.)

Parallels Workstation 6 (Price: $49.99)

  • Run multiple OS configurations simultaneously on Windows and Linux PCs
  • Access and manage locally, remotely or through an iPad or iPhone

Based on a comparison made with another close competitor, the price of Parallels desktop virtualization software is more expensive than the price offered by its competitor. Their Workstation software however, is priced cheaper than another similar software offered by a close competitor. 

Parallels : Shipping Rates & Policies

Parallels has a "Knowledge base" section on their website that details the activation instructions for the different software that they offer. The following is how you can activate their desktop virtualization software:

  • Once the product is completely installed, you will be prompted to activate it automatically. Enter your activation key when prompted to do so.
  • If the key is valid, you will see a green checkmark next to the key that you entered.
  • Once they key is validated, click on the "Activate" button at the bottom of the window and you can start using the software. 

You can also upgrade the trial version of the product to a full commercially purchased license by launching the software and selecting the "Activate Product" option. Activate your product by entering your purchased key and clicking on the "Activate" button. 

For further information on product activation, please refer to their Knowledge Base section.

Parallels : Payment Methods Accepted

There a few payment options that you can choose to make your payment when purchasing products from the Parallels online store. The company accepts payment made with major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. In addition, they also accept the JCB international credit card. Alternatively, if you have a PayPal account, you can also make your payment via PayPal. Another mode of payment that is accepted is wire transfer.

Parallels : Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Parallels has an easy and friendly refund policy. The company offers a money-back guarantee on their products, under the following circumstances:

  • Request for a full refund has to be made within 30 days of your product purchase.
  • Request for refund can be made by submitting an online support request to the Parallels Support team. Follow the steps indicated on the online request form. Request has to also include order details. 
  • The company does not issue refunds for purchases made from retail outlets. Please refer to the retail outlet's refund policy if you purchased Parallels products from them.
Parallels : Product images & screenshots
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